1252 housing units destroyed and damaged by the recent aggression against Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Gaza Ministry of Public Works and Housing said on Sunday that 1252 housing units were destroyed and damaged by the recent Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

"Seventy-seven housing units have been completely destroyed, while another 20 units have become uninhabitable because of the violent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip in the recent escalation," said Naji Sarhan, undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and housing, at a press conference.

Sarhan said 55 housing units were badly damaged, while 110 units were partially and slightly damaged.

Sarhan accused the occupation of deliberately using heavy projectiles that went beyond the target of destroying the house or the target facility, causing serious damage to its surroundings, and spreading terror in the hearts of safe civilians.

Sirhan called on the international community and the Secretary-General of the United Nations to take an active action that would put an end to the recurrence of aggression and protect the civilian population and civilian installations, especially in the light of the suffering of the Gaza Strip from delays in the reconstruction of what had been destroyed during previous wars and the lack of commitment by donors to their financial commitments.


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