US Presidential Elections: Are Democrats counting on Kamala Harris to lead the campaign alongside Joe Biden?

US Presidential Elections: Are Democrats counting on Kamala Harris to lead the campaign alongside Joe Biden?

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America, is expected to play an important role in the 2024 election campaign due to President Joe Biden's advanced age. This former lawyer, known for her calmness and work out of the limelight, will be forced to enter the political arena and campaign in place of the current president, or at least assist him.

It is expected that Kamala Harris will have a major role during the 2024 election campaign in place of President Joe Biden, who is facing criticism because of his advanced age (80 years), an age that makes him unable to bear the burdens of this campaign, which forces him to travel and move between American states and cities to explain his program. election and persuade voters to vote for him for the second time in a row.

Ellen Koontz, a professor at the National Institute of Commerce and Business Administration in Paris, sees Kamala Harris' involvement in the election campaign as a "positive" and "healthy process."

This professor, who dedicated a book about the life of the Vice President of the United States under the title “The Amazing Story of Kamala Harris,” added that “her calmness and being a secretive woman is a sign that everything is fine,” noting that “the Vice President of the United States of America should not appear or talk much.” This is out of respect for the president. The Vice President of the United States of America rarely casts a shadow over the president, as happened between George W. Bush and his Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney. "This relationship was not normal and healthy."

As the election date approached, Harris began to “be active in secret and do her duty,” according to Elaine Koontz, who said, “If you look closely at her career, whether when she was a prosecutor or a senator for the state of California, you will see that she is a woman who does not like to take risks. The evidence is that She has not faced any problems so far.”

Campaign in universities

On the other hand, it seems that Kamala Harris's policy of secrecy is not a winning strategy, according to opinion polls. According to the Five Thirty Eight (538) opinion poll, the percentage of Americans who have a positive view of Kamala Harris does not exceed 40 percent. This is the same percentage that Joe Biden also obtained.”

There is a possibility that the picture will change, especially with Kamala Harris starting a tour of several universities under the title “The Battle for Our Freedoms.” It is a tour intended largely for African Americans and minorities. Meanwhile, Harris received a warm welcome from the students of the University of Pennsylvania, which she visited on September 19.

On the other hand, Kamala Harris, a woman of Afro-Asian origin, is counting on mobilizing American youth who have become not very enthusiastic about Joe Biden. It also plans to focus on some important issues, including firearms, the environment, abortion, as well as racial discrimination.

This role played by Kamala Harris, who is considered a link between generations, was clearly demonstrated last September 22 during a meeting she organized at a center called “Casablanca” for the prevention of gun violence. You will personally supervise this file. President Joe Biden and the young Democrat Maxwell Frost (26 years old), elected to the Senate, were present at the meeting, along with Kamala Harris (58 years old). 


"Kamala Harris will play a marathon runner"

But for Elaine Koontz, Kamala Harris' role cannot be reduced solely to gun prevention. Rather, she also has experience in international issues that she gained in light of the field visits she made to several African countries, such as Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, in addition to an Asian tour that led her to South Korea in 2022.

Next year, Kamala Harris will play an important role in the race for the White House and will participate in the election campaign alongside Joe Biden.

Ellen Coontz continued, “Unlike 2020, where the election campaign was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, this time they (Joe Biden and Kamala Harris) will travel long distances and visit 50 American states. This mission was difficult for Barack Obama despite his young age in 2008, let alone for Joe Biden.” The elderly person (80 years old)” and added, “For this reason, everyone is counting on Kamala Harris to play the role of a marathon runner during the upcoming elections.”

Regarding the question of why Biden does not give her the space, the professor replied, “The Democrats do not want to take risks in front of Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, that is, only 3 years younger than Biden,” concluding, “We do not know whether Kamala Harris is able to win against Trump. But we know that Joe Biden defeated him for the first time.”