Gaza agriculture denounces the occupation´s reduction of the fishing area in the sea

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip denounced today, Tuesday, the continued Israeli occupation policy to reduce the fishing area off the coast of the Strip, after it was decided to reduce it recently from 12 to 6 miles.

In a statement, the ministry indicated that the latest reduction was announced suddenly, as the occupation surprised the fishermen while they were practicing their work at sea, forcing them to leave their damaged nets and lose their fuel.

In the framework, the Ministry of Agriculture denied that it had been officially reported that the Gaza Strip was completely closed, denouncing the daily shooting of fishermen while they were performing their only profession.

About 4,000 fishermen live on the fishing profession in the Gaza Strip, and they support families of about 40,000 people, and the number of fishing boats operating in the Gaza Strip is 1,300 of all kinds.

The Ministry of Agriculture called on Egypt, as the mediation sponsor between the occupation and the Gaza Strip, to intervene to stop the oppressive measures and practices of the occupation against the fishing sector, calling on international and human rights institutions to stand up to their responsibilities to expose the occupation and its crimes against Palestinian fishermen.


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