Water floods streets and underground stations in London due to thunderstorms

Heavy rain flooded streets and underground stations in London, after thunderstorms hit the southern England region, Sunday.

A London resident said: "The floods that hit the city are the worst floods he has ever seen, and one of the videos showed water rushing into an underground station."

Londoner Eddie Elliott cycled around the area around Queenstown Road station, and said: "The road is completely closed."

Elliott, 28, was quoted by the British news agency, PA Media, as saying: “I was born and raised in London, but I have never seen anything like this, (..), this is the worst thing I have seen personally, the road is completely closed, and it has broken down. buses because of the water.”

"Roads near Clapham Common were closed due to flood waters that rose to a level of 12 to 18 inches," said Jimmy Curtis.


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