The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the suspension of sales by American companies in the settlements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants welcomed the "moral" and "legal" decision of the largest American dairy company ( Ben & Jerry's ) to end its sales in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

 The ministry said in a statement, today, Tuesday, that this decision is consistent with the rules of international law, and the company respects human rights, principles and morals, refusing to deal with the illegal and immoral colonial system established by "Israel" in the land of the occupied state of Palestine, through racist policies and complex crimes. Such as the seizure of land, theft of Palestinian resources, arrests, field executions, and forced displacement.

She called on companies working directly or indirectly with the settlement system, to take similar positions, to immediately stop their dealings and business, to be consistent with human rights principles and standards, and international law, and not to engage in any business with illegal entities such as Israeli settlements, and to contribute to violating the rights of our Palestinian people. .

It also called on states to ensure that companies residing in their territories respect international law, and do not work with colonies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its appreciation to the companies that took courageous, moral, and legal positions and halted their dealings with the Israeli colonial system, stressing that they will do everything they can through the rules of international law to hold accountable those who still insist on violating the rights of our Palestinian people, including those Entities that finance, feed, fatten, and encourage Israeli settlements, which are considered a war crime and a crime against humanity.

The ministry called on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to update the database of companies working with settlements, in accordance with its mandate entrusted to it based on Human Rights Council resolution 36/31, due to the importance of this in assisting states in ensuring that companies residing in their territories respect international law, and assisting them in ensuring that human rights are not violated.

It is noteworthy that the company announced yesterday on its website that its work in the occupied Palestinian territories contradicts its values ​​for the production and marketing of dairy products and ice cream.


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