A huge rally in Tel Aviv to reject the law of nationalism

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Thousands of Palestinians took part in a massive rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday to protest against the Israeli Knesset's ratification of the national law, about two weeks ago.

The event was held at the invitation of the higher follow-up Committee of the Arab masses within the territory of the year 48, under the slogan "The Law of nationalism is extinguished" and "Yes for equality".

According to various Palestinian sites within the territory of the year 48, the masses from various Arab towns have come to participate in the demonstration called for follow-up, and are provided by Arab deputies from the Joint List, party leaders and activists from political, partisan and popular movements and actors.

Participants raised the Palestinian flag, despite calls for follow-up, not to raise any flag, to raise slogans calling for the repeal of the "Law of nationalism", and to denounce the practices of the Israeli Government towards the Arab masses of the country, which are represented by racist legislation.

The Chairman of the follow-up Committee for the Arab masses in Israel, Mohammad Baraka, stated that the message of the masses in the Tel Aviv demonstration was clear: the repeal of the Racist Nationalism Act, which was "the" kinist ", stressing that it was a law that posed a threat to the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination.

"This law also poses a threat to the lives of 1.5 million Palestinians in the Israeli interior and poses a great challenge to them and their beard," he said, adding that the demonstrations were not to protest against the law but the beginning of a long battle to abolish it.

The former Knesset member stressed that the Palestinians would not rest until the law was removed from the register of Laws.


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