Gaza Municipality: Closing the crossings stops 13 vital projects and delays others

The Gaza Municipality has warned of the delay in the implementation of vital projects and the postponement of other projects that were scheduled to start as a result of the intensification of the siege on the Gaza Strip, the closure of the crossings and the prevention of the entry of basic materials needed to complete projects or start new projects.

In a statement, the municipality indicated that 13 vital projects had stopped working, in addition to its inability to implement 16 new projects, especially those related to roads and infrastructure projects, due to the contractors' inability to supply the basic materials needed to complete the projects.

The municipality added that “the basic materials required are gravel, basalt, bitumen needed for asphalt, a basalt layer for Interlock tiles and its contents (dyes), manhole covers (water, rain, sewage), water and sewage lines, as well as solar cell batteries for a building project. the computer".

She indicated that the projects being implemented and stopped working due to the closure, are: West Al-Jalaa Street development project, the project to develop the streets surrounding Al-Awda schools northwest of the city, the Kardash Street development project in the Sheikh Ajlin neighborhood, the construction project of Abraj Al-Saada Street in the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood, and the Street Development project. Nelson Mandela in Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood, a project to install a solar energy system in the computer building at the municipality’s headquarters, a project to construct sewage networks in separate areas in Gaza City, a project to develop streets in the western Al-Touffah neighborhood, a project to construct Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street, Badr Street and part of Amin Al-Husseini Street A project to develop the University College Street in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, a project to develop parts of Algeria Street behind the Islamic University, and a project to maintain asphalt layers in separate areas of Gaza City.

The municipality also warned of the negative effects of stopping vital projects from the environmental, social and economic aspects, especially with regard to citizens' daily movements and commercial activities, in addition to the approaching winter season and the fear of soil erosion and causing the closure of rainwater drains and the occurrence of drowning.

The municipality called on local and international institutions to intervene urgently to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, open the crossings, and bring in the necessary materials to complete the implementation of vital projects in order to avoid aggravating humanitarian conditions and the occurrence of health and environmental crises.

The Gaza municipality had warned a few days ago of health and environmental disasters that may result from the delay in the reconstruction of the city’s infrastructure, especially after a sewage eruption occurred on Al Wahda Street, as a result of damage to the sewage networks as a result of direct targeting during the recent Israeli aggression.


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