UN official: The destruction in Gaza is massive and widespread

Sam Rose, Acting Director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip, described the devastation that resulted from the latest round of military conflict as “tremendous” and that it was widespread, with thousands of homes and infrastructure damaged.

In a press statement to him during his visit to the Beach refugee camp, west of Gaza City, Rose indicated that, since the end of the conflict, UNRWA teams have begun to assess the damages caused to the completely and partially destroyed homes, and that they have paid temporary rent and reintegration allowance for about 500 families, with a financial value of about $1.0 million. American.

Rose emphasized that UNRWA will continue to partially assess the damages to the homes and move forward with the payment of temporary rent allowance and reintegration of displaced families.

During his visit to Al-Shati camp, Rose inspected the infrastructure support teams, camp development and UNRWA relief and social services teams.


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