Occupation records 450 new cases of “Corona”

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Health of the Israeli occupation government announced the registration of 450 cases of the “Corona” virus, during the last 24 hours.

And the occupation’s “Health” data showed that the cumulative number of “Corona” injuries, since the beginning of the pandemic, rose to 845,123.

And the occupation's "Health" indicated that the total active injuries rose to 3,691 patients.

The condition of 39 patients is described as serious, including 12 using respirators, while the number of deaths has risen to 6,434 since the outbreak of the epidemic, after two deaths were recorded yesterday.

Senior officials in the Israeli Ministry of Health expected that after ten days, the number of infections with "Corona" will reach 1,000 cases per day if the rate of the disease's spread remains the same, while the number of serious cases will reach between 300 and 400 patients in hospitals.

Officials believed that the matter would require the imposition of new health restrictions, even if "there is no significant increase in the number of patients in danger."

And the head of the public health services in the Ministry of Health, Sharon Price, warned that if the spread of the disease is not curbed, "Israel" is ahead of another closure.


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