Libya closes its ports with Tunisia for a week due to the “exacerbation of the epidemiological situation” on Tunisian soil

Libya decided Thursday to close its borders with Tunisia and suspend flights between the two countries for a week as a precaution, due to the "exacerbation of the epidemiological situation" on Tunisian soil, according to a government spokesman.

"Due to the worsening epidemiological situation in Tunisia, the increase in the rate of infections with the Indian delta virus, and the announcement by the Tunisian Ministry of Health of the collapse of the country's health system, the Council of Ministers decided to close the land and air ports for a week, starting today at 12 o'clock," Libyan government spokesman Mohamed Hammouda said in a press statement. 00:00 midnight.

Hammouda added, "The Libyan state, through its consulate in Tunisia, will take care of its stranded nationals, as a result of this decision, until their return to the country is facilitated."

The spokesman also indicated that, in accordance with the precautionary measures in Libya, it was decided to suspend studies in universities and colleges until after Eid al-Adha.

For days, Tunisia has witnessed an unprecedented increase in injuries and deaths as a result of Covid-19, which has put hospitals in a state of emergency.

HIV infections in Libya also recorded a sharp increase during the past five days, as infections exceeded the threshold of 1,000 per day, after they remained for many months below 500 per day.

Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar, Director of the National Center for Disease Control in Libya, warned of the epidemiological situation in the country, as a result of the rapid increase in infections.

He also indicated in a press statement on Wednesday that it may take a week to confirm that Libya has recorded injuries to the delta mutant.
Libya has so far recorded about 200,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 3,000 deaths, according to official figures.

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