The occupation records 518 new cases of “Corona”

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced the registration of 518 new infections with the Corona virus, during the last 24 hours.

And occupation health data showed that the cumulative number of “Corona” injuries, since the beginning of the pandemic, rose to 844,684 injuries.

And the occupation's "Health" indicated that the total active injuries rose to 3,568 patients.

The condition of 46 patients was described as serious, including 16 who use respirators. While 6,924 patients have died since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Officials in the Israeli Ministry of Health expected, after 10 days, that the number of infections with “Corona” would reach 1,000 cases per day if the rate of spread of the disease remained the same, knowing that the transmission index amounted to 1.42%, which requires imposing new health restrictions even if there is no increase Appreciable on the number of patients at risk.

In addition, yesterday at Ben Gurion Airport, 53 cases of HIV infection were discovered among Israeli tourists returning from abroad.

This number - according to the Israeli Ministry of Health - constitutes a record number of daily cases of infection that have been discovered at the airport since the emergence of the “Corona” crisis in the occupying country.


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