occupation blew up the house of the prisoner Shalabi in Turmusaya

The occupation soldiers blew up, at dawn on Thursday, the house of the prisoner Montaser Al-Shalabi in the town of Turmusaya, north of Ramallah.

A large force of the occupation army, accompanied by a military bulldozer, stormed the town and surrounded the house, forcing the citizens living near it to evacuate their homes, in preparation for the demolition of the house of Shalabi (44 years), whom the occupation accuses of carrying out a shooting attack at the Za’tara checkpoint, south of Nablus. About two months.

Clashes erupted in the vicinity of Shalabi's house, during which the occupation forces fired tear gas at the young men, but no injuries were reported.

A few days ago, the Israeli Supreme Court definitively rejected the family's third and final petition to try to prevent the demolition of the house.

A few days ago, an Israeli military court began trying the prisoner, Shalabi, on charges of being responsible for killing a settler and wounding another at the Za'tara checkpoint, about two months ago.


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