Jeff Bezos chooses a woman to join his space journey

Wally Funk, 82, who was trained in NASA's Mercury space program more than 60 years ago, was chosen by American businessman Jeff Bezos, but never got a chance to go into space. 

And now, at the age of 82, Funk had the chance to go to the final frontier of the atmosphere after Bezos chose her to join him and his brother on their sub-tropical adventure on July 20.

And the space exploration company Blue Origin, founded by Bezos, announced Thursday that Funk will be the fourth and final person to travel aboard the semi-orbital spacecraft "New Shepherd".

CNN said it will also join the unnamed winner of the auction, who paid more than $28 million to secure his place on the flight.

It is noteworthy that Funk had volunteered in 1961 as part of the "Women in Space Program", a special project to take women into space during NASA's first space flights. Funk was the youngest woman to graduate from the program, and was told she "did a better job and completed the work faster than any man," according to Bezos' post on Instagram, announcing that Funk was the fourth person on the flight.


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