16 right-wing parties issue a declaration to establish an “alliance” in the European Parliament

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen and 15 of her allies in Europe, including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, issued a "joint declaration" on Friday, describing it as "the cornerstone" of an alliance in the European Parliament aimed at "Reforming Europe".

The signatories to the declaration published on the website of the “National Rally” party led by Le Pen wrote that “at a time when the advocates of globalization and Europeanism, and their main representative in France, Emmanuel Macron, launch the Conference on the Future of Europe, which aims to increase the power of European bodies, today’s agreement is the stone The basis for forming a broad coalition in the European Parliament.

Among the signatories are Marine Le Pen, Italian League leader Matteo Salvini, Hungarian Prime Minister and Fidesz leader Viktor Orban, Polish Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Spain's Vox leader Santiago Abascal and Fratelli d'Italia leader Georgia Meloni.

The signatory parties are not part of the same groups in the European Parliament, as the National Rally and the League belong to the Identity and Democracy Group, while the Law, Justice, Vox and Fratelli d'Italia parties She belongs to the “conservative group” and “reformists.” Fidesz, which split from the European People's Party in March, is looking for new partners.

In a separate announcement, Marine Le Pen, whose party holds its conference on Saturday and Sunday, said, "The document is the basis of a joint cultural and political action that respects the role of the current political groups." She stressed the need for a "deep reform" of the European Union for fear of "creating a major European state".

The sixteen signatories considered that the European Union "continues to follow the federal path, which inevitably distances it from the peoples who are the beating heart of our civilization."

It is in this light, they added, that the most influential national parties on the continent have realized the importance of joining forces to enhance their relevance in discussions and reform of the EU.


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