Japanese marries a virtual singer and officially weddings

Tokyo _ Agencies

 Japanese newspaper "The Japan Times " reported that Akihiko Kundo, married to the virtual Japanese singer, Hatsoni Mico.

She said that the singer was represented in front of her groom at the wedding in the form of a puppet.

The groom spent about two million yen (about 20,000 dollars) for the ceremony, which was not attended by any of his relatives. The groom noted with regret that his mother did not consider this wedding to be a worthy event.

He attended the ceremony with 40 guest friends. The happy Groom said that he loved Mico all his life. He has lived since March with its virtual version and paid 310 thousand yen (about 3,000 dollars) for her smart version that speaks with the singer's voice and tells him, good night, before hugging a puppet representing the singer in his bed. The sound of a three-dimensional singer wakes him up every morning.

Although their marriage was not officially recorded, the Japanese bought himself and his wife two episodes. The company  "Gatebox " producing capsules in three-dimensional images gave him a certificate of the contract of the Qur'an between  "two dimensions ".

The Japanese admitted that since his childhood he was fond of cartoons  "anime " animated, which prevented him from establishing relationships with girls. He said that the women had harassed him at his previous place to the point that he had vowed never to marry.

The three-dimensional singer was not cheating on him and was not getting older. And they help him get rid of the gloom. The 35-year-old Japanese demanded that the community grant him the status of a sexual minority.


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