Bennett threatens a massive ground invasion "if necessary"

The extremist Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, threatened to carry out a massive military ground invasion "if necessary" to achieve the objectives of a future battle, on any of the fronts, stressing that "if Israel needs to use its force - It will be more deadly,” according to what he gave in a speech during the graduation ceremony of a new regiment of infantry officers in the Israeli army.

Recalling the July 2006 war, in which he participated as a reserve officer, Bennett said: “In two weeks, 15 years will pass since the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War. This was the last time the IDF conducted a large-scale ground invasion.”

“As the commander of a reserve infantry force, and from the depth of the field, I saw what a military campaign looks like when preparations for it are insufficient and the objectives are ambiguous,” he added. “The IDF today is in a completely different place, our fighters are more determined, more professional, and better equipped. If and when we need to use our power, we will be more lethal.”
"Just as we don't like battle, we don't like a ground invasion," he said. But if we think that the objectives of the battle require maneuver - we will not hesitate to implement it, and it will be huge and powerful.”

He continued, "The new female officers and officers of the Ground Forces, you are the ones who will lead the next ground invasion if circumstances require it, and you are the ones who will apply on the ground the lethal principles and extreme effectiveness on which the multi-year "Tnuva" plan is based, which was prepared and led by the Chief of the Army's General Staff. It is you who will ensure that the army will also prevail in our next test.”

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, stressed that the military establishment is dealing “simultaneously with six fronts and six different dimensions. We saw an example of multiple fronts even during the last war on Gaza.”

“Besides the intensity of the strong attacks we carried out in the Gaza Strip, we dealt with many events in Judea and Samaria (the occupied West Bank), the firing of rockets from other fronts in the north, and even the launch of an Iranian drone, the operation of which was thwarted,” Kohavi said.

Kochavi added, “Anyone who tries to harm the State of Israel knows that there is no aggressive activity, from near or far, that will not be answered with a serious response, covertly or publicly. This is how we acted in the past, and this is how we will act in the future.”

Earlier today, Bennett received German President Frank Voltaire Steinmeier at the headquarters of the Israeli government in Jerusalem. "We have formed a government in which there are different voices, and we are determined to advance the State of Israel," Bennett said when receiving the German president.

The two discussed, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, “the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program,” and Bennett said that “Israel aims to prevent Iran, which has said publicly that it is working to destroy the State of Israel, from acquiring military nuclear capabilities.” .


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