The occupation arrests 12 citizens, including a former legislator

 The occupation soldiers and police have arrested 14 Palestinians since Wednesday evening, including a former deputy in the Legislative Council, and two young men were released after their arrest.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested Sheikh Muhammad Abu Tir, the former deputy in the Legislative Council for the “Change and Reform” bloc, after raiding a residential building in the village of Dar Salah in Bethlehem at dawn.

The director of the Prisoners’ Club in Jenin, Montaser Sammour, told the two young men, Ezz El-Din Adnan Abu Naasa, and Ramez Mustafa Al-Badawi, were arrested, while they were working inside the Green Line, which raises the number of detainees in the governorate during the month of June to 45.

In Nablus, Abd al-Rahman Osama al-Baz was arrested, after his house was raided and searched, in the village of Qusin, to the west, and Tariq Mahmoud Khaled Rajabeh from Rujib, and the occupation arrested him at the “Yitzhar” checkpoint. The two brothers, Al-Tayeb and Wissam Abdel-Razek Daoud, from Beita, were arrested at a military checkpoint near Turmusaya, and were released at dawn.

In Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, the sources reported the arrest of 7 citizens: Rami Amid Hudeeb (20 years old), Mahmoud Issa Jawabra (24 years old), Ahmed Raafat Badawi (17 years old), Obaidah Imad Al-Ra’i (17 years old), and Anan Nidal Al-Sharif (23 years old). years old), Syed Imad Al-Ra’i (48 years old), and Muhammad Issa Jawabra (20 years).


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