A campaign of raids and arrests in the West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Tuesday, a campaign of raids and arrests of a number of villages, towns and cities in the West Bank.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested about 10 citizens from those areas, after they raided a large number of citizens' homes.

Among the detainees, Ahmad al-Abed Hamadeh, Jihad Ahmad Abdo from the town of Kafr Nima, west of Ramallah, Amir Shalhoub from his home on Asira Street in Nablus city, a student at An-Najah University, Omar Khaled al-Badawi, Zakaria al-Qiq, Fadl al-Qiq, Islam al-Jundi, and Salim Rajoub from Hebron were known. .

Meanwhile, an undercover force kidnapped the young Hamza Al-Masry in front of his family home in the town of Bil'in.

The occupation forces raided the home of the family of the martyr Zahran Zahran in the town of Bedouin, north of occupied Jerusalem.

A large force raided Yarza in the Jordan Valley, before searching a number of houses.


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