Israel decides to bring Qatari grant fuel to Gaza

The security and political levels in Israel decided, on Sunday evening, to bring in fuel for the only Gaza power station, which is funded by the Qatari grant.

According to the Hebrew “Reshet Kan” channel, the decision came after a security assessment, and with the approval of the political echelon.

An Israeli security source said that as long as the calm continues, there will be more facilities.

The channel quoted Arab channels as saying that there was an agreement to return the situation to what it was before the last round of escalation in Gaza, provided that a round of indirect dialogues would begin in Cairo between Hamas and Israel regarding reconstruction and a prisoner deal, but the Israeli security source said that the facilities would remain within the humanitarian framework. It is linked to calm, and the file of reconstruction and improvement of the economic situation is linked only to the return of the prisoners and the missing.


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