Gaza health expects a third wave of corona after “Al-Adha”

Youssef Al-Akkad, director of the Epidemiology Hospital (European Gaza), expected today, Sunday, that the Gaza Strip will enter a third wave of the Corona virus after Eid al-Adha, especially after this wave reached the surrounding countries and the cities of the Palestinian interior.

Al-Akkad said in an interview with the local Al-Aqsa Radio, that what is happening in the countries of the world regarding the arrival of Corona waves may reach Gaza at any moment, and this is what happened in the previous waves despite all the measures taken by the Ministry and was able to postpone the entry of the virus for several months to the Strip.

He added, "We are able to deal with any number of injuries in case the new wave enters the Gaza Strip, and we urge our society to take the utmost care and caution and pay attention to the available vaccines."

The official of the European Gaza Hospital indicated that the person who received the vaccine, if he was exposed to the Indian mutation, does not affect him seriously, but he will be a carrier of the infection to others.

Al-Akkad indicated that the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip is stable and the cases admitted to hospitals are few, stressing that this is not a call for complacency in preventive measures, especially with the expectations of the third wave entering the Strip.

He pointed out that the citizens' response to receiving vaccinations is below the required level, despite all the measures taken by the ministry to do so.

He called on citizens to register their names and take the initiative to receive vaccinations as soon as possible and to continue preventive and safety measures that have become very weak in public places and institutions. like he said.


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