Settlers burn dozens of fig and olive seedlings, and the occupation suppresses a march condemning the settlements west of Salfit

Settlers burned, today, Friday, dozens of fig and olive saplings in the "Al-Ras" area, which is threatened to be seized, west of Salfit, under the protection of the Israeli occupation soldiers.

Local sources reported that the citizens and the Civil Defense were able to put out the fires that were set by the settlers, before they reached more saplings.

It is noteworthy that the settlers installed mobile homes “caravans” in the area, and built agricultural roads in preparation for the establishment of a settlement outpost, and the expansion of settlements established on lands in Salfit, which suffers from the presence of 23 settlements, and 6 other outposts on its lands.

In the same context, dozens of civilians suffocated with tear gas, during the occupation forces' suppression of the participants in the prayer activity on the lands threatened with seizure in the mentioned area.

And local sources reported that the occupation prevented citizens from reaching the area on which a new settlement outpost was established.

The national forces in Salfit had called for a wide participation in Friday prayers in the al-Ras area, which the settlers are trying to expand to seize the surrounding lands, connect them to settlement streets, and link them to the “Burkan” and “Ariel” settlements, which are built on the lands of Salfit, and several villages and towns west of and north of the province.


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