Casualties in air and sea raids on the Gaza border

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

On Saturday afternoon, seven youths were slightly injured by Israeli raids on groups of youths in the eastern border areas of the Gaza Strip, and a shooting at a naval rally calling for the lifting of the siege on the strip.

A missile was fired by a reconnaissance aircraft near a group of incendiary-kite-firing planes east of Beit Hanoun, wounding a young man with very little injuries without being taken to the hospital.

A missile was also fired at the east of Bureij Group and others in two separate groups east of Jabalya town, slightly injuring a young man near the Martyrs ' Cemetery.

Later, four youths were injured by shelling east of a Queen's site east of Gaza City.

Since the morning, several fires have erupted in settlements adjacent to the sector by incendiary kites.

A young man was also slightly injured by Israeli occupation forces shooting at Palestinian fishing boats, which launched a protest rally calling for the lifting of Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip and the expansion of the fishing space allowed for fishermen.


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