A European delegation visits the Gaza port and reviews the suffering of the fishermen

 A delegation from the European Union visited today, Wednesday, the Gaza port basin, to see the situation of fishermen and their suffering after the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

They were received by a number of members of the niqab and fishermen.

The head of the Syndicate, Nizar Ayyash, explained to the delegation the situation of the fishermen and their suffering under the siege and the closure imposed on the sea to 6 miles by the occupation and preventing the fishermen from importing fishing supplies and equipment, which increased the price of those equipment exponentially than it was in the past.

He pointed out that the fishermen are not able to export fish to the West Bank, pointing out that all this leads to more unemployment among the fishermen and a deterioration in their economic situation.

Ayyash called on international and local institutions to pressure the occupation in order to allow the Palestinian fisherman to practice the profession of fishing freely, like the rest of the world's fishermen.


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