A provocative march by settlers from Za’tara Checkpoint towards “Jabal Sabih” in Beita

 Hundreds of settlers, including women and children, set out on Monday evening, on foot, on foot from the Za’tara military checkpoint, south of Nablus, towards the “Avitar” settlement outpost, which climbs to the top of Mount Sabih south of Beita town. , with the protection of a large force of the occupation army.

Large forces of the occupation army deployed in the vicinity of Jabal Sobeih to secure protection for about 50 settler families residing in the “Avitar” outpost, and hundreds of settlers who came to it in a provocative march while waving Israeli flags.

On the other hand, hundreds of residents of the town of Beita went to the vicinity of the mountain and set huge numbers of tires near the “Avitar” outpost, as part of their daily and nightly activities aimed at uprooting this settlement outpost from their lands, and confrontations erupted at the site with the occupation forces, who started firing live bullets. And rubber bands and tear gas canisters towards the people.


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