“Agriculture” Gaza: $16 million in losses due to the occupation’s prevention of agricultural exports

The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip announced today, Sunday, that the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on the "Karm Abu Salem" crossing (south of the Gaza Strip), caused losses estimated at 16 million dollars, as a result of not allowing agricultural marketing and export.

The ministry said, in a statement, that "the losses of preventing agricultural marketing and export from the Gaza Strip have doubled significantly, reaching $16 million."

She added: "Damages and losses are multiplying day by day, as a result of closing the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing for the sixth week in a row, in the face of marketing crops and fish from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, and preventing their export abroad."

The closure of the "Kerem Abu Salem" crossing (the only commercial crossing of the Strip with the territories occupied in 1948) exacerbates the living and health crisis in the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged by "Israel" for 15 years, since Hamas won the legislative elections in 2006.

With the beginning of the latest aggression, on May 10, the Israeli occupation closed the crossing completely, and then reopened it after the ceasefire (May 21), but it imposes severe restrictions on the movement of imports and completely prevents exports, which aggravates the deteriorating living and health conditions in the first place.


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