Hebrew channel: The Israeli "cabinet" will meet tomorrow to approve operational plans to resume the round of fighting in Gaza

The Hebrew Channel 13 reported, on Saturday evening, that the Israeli mini-political-security cabinet, “The Cabinet”, will meet tomorrow evening, Sunday, the first during Naftali Bennett’s term as prime minister, in order to approve operational plans to resume Gaza fighting tour.

According to the channel, the possibility of escalation still exists for the IDF, and therefore new plans were prepared, and Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi approved them.

The Israeli army believes that the last round of fighting in Gaza is not over yet, and that preparations must be ready for a broader round and for more days than the last.

An Israeli security source said that if Hamas renewed the incendiary balloons, the attacks in Gaza would intensify.

According to Palestinian sources, Hamas may resume launching incendiary balloons again in the absence of talks to establish a cease-fire.


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