Washington: 250 journalists call for an end to the cover-up of the occupation and systematic oppression of the Palestinians

250 journalists working for some of the best media outlets in the world signed an open letter, calling for an end to the "blackout on the Israeli occupation and the systematic oppression of Palestinians" in the media.

The letter accuses the mainstream media of “letting down” its audience with “decades-old journalistic misconduct,” which misleads the public about the reality of the Israeli occupation.

Finding the truth and holding the powerful accountable are fundamental principles of journalism, but for decades, our news industry has abandoned these values ​​in terms of covering events in Israel and Palestine. Apartheid".

The letter called on journalists and news outlets to fulfill their “duty” and “immediately change course” in terms of covering Israel and Palestine.

“The evidence of Israel’s systematic oppression of the Palestinians is overwhelming, and it must no longer be purged,” the letter said.

The letter was signed by journalists from The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, The Texas Observer, Vice News, The Intercept, Jewish Current, The Los Angeles Times and others.

Not all journalists signed the letter publicly, as about 30 journalists chose to sign it providing only the name of their company and not their name, while the organizers confirmed that each signature was verified as a current or former journalist.


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