Warning against demolishing 17 homes in Silwan until the end of next month

A researcher in Jerusalem affairs, a member of the Silwan Lands and Real Estate Defense Committee Fakhri Abu Diab, warned that 17 homes will be demolished in the Al-Bustan neighborhood of Silwan, south of Jerusalem, until the end of next July.

Abu Diab said in an interview with the official Palestinian news agency “Wafa” today, Monday, that 98 homes are notified of demolition, of which 17 are notified of immediate demolition, according to the Israeli “Kaminitz” law, which prevents the possibility of appealing them in the courts or freezing them, during different dates. Until the end of next month, the targeted homes are owned by the families of: Abu Diab, Hamdan, Jalajel, Rajabi, Qweider, Badran, Odeh, Shafi', Rajab, Abdul Rahman, and Bashir.

He added: The occupation police and municipality teams distributed summonses to homeowners in Al-Bustan, today, Monday, to review the municipality and appear before its inspector, claiming that the homeowners did not implement the orders to self-demolish their homes after notifying them during the year 2018.

He explained that the occupation authorities had also notified during the previous periods of the demolition of a number of Jerusalemite homes in the Al-Bustan neighborhood in the town of Silwan, to reach 98 homes, in an attempt to demolish the entire neighborhood, as part of its racist measures under the policy of ethnic cleansing, and in violation of a provision of international law.

Abu Diab pointed out that the targeted houses have existed for decades, the most recent of which was in 2000, calling for political, official and international intervention in the face of the fierce occupation attack on the neighborhood and tightening its control over Jerusalem.

Al-Bustan neighborhood is located in the center of Silwan town and is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque from the south and southeast sides. It is about 300 meters away from the southern wall and extends over an area of ​​70 dunums, and is home to about 1,550 citizens.


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