Sitting 90 minutes connecting you to seven fatal illnesses.

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7 Fatal diseases can infect you if you continue to sit on the desk at work or on the steering wheel, for 90 minutes connected, this is confirmed by Dr. Doaa Zakaria Zaki professor at the Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University in Egypt.

It says to "Arab. Net" that sitting for long periods of office work or driving in cars, causing an imbalance in the body, and lead to diseases of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart, depression, cirrhosis and cancer, stressing that he prefers to stand and change the situation every hour at most, and walk Exercise for a few minutes before returning again, if the job is to sit 8 hours or more.

The professor of medicine revealed that the long sitting contradicts the nature of the human being dependent on the permanent movement and the exercise of activity, and according to the latest scientific studies, sitting for long periods is associated with premature death due to diseases caused by it, primarily obesity where it leads to concentration of fat particularly in Certain areas, increasing the harmful fats in the waist areas, their accumulation on the liver and the incidence of fibrosis.

She stressed that fat deposited in the body due to prolonged sitting leads to diabetes as a result of the interruption of motor activity and the non-burning of blood sugar, which also leads to kidney disease, which may worsen to kidney failure as well as to increase the harmful enzymes that affect the functions of the heart and may lead Llasa With cancer.

She explained that what happens in the body while sitting for 90 minutes connected is that the electrical activity of the muscles, especially the muscle of the limbs decreases, and decreases with the energy exerted in the maintenance of muscle contraction, which happens with a decrease in the rate of circulation, low fat burning rate, and low cholesterol beneficial By 20%, low insulin efficiency by 24%, all of this exacerbates the incidence of diabetes, stress, heart disease and depression.

Dr. Doaa advises that sports activity be carried out throughout the day, so that at least two hours to rid the body of damage caused by sitting for long periods,

You are advised to walk through phone calls, not to sit more than 90 minutes, preferably every 60 minutes, and try to climb the floors if possible instead of using the elevator, so that all the effects of long sitting on the desks can be completely eliminated.


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