Details of an "Israeli" plan to double settlements five times

The occupation plans to expand and build new settlement units, south of Nablus, which will multiply settlements in the West Bank five times.

According to Ghassan Daghlas, the official in charge of the settlement file in the northern West Bank, the grand plan is an expansion of the "Shvut Rachel" settlement, by adding 534 new settlement units, at the expense of the lands of the residents of the towns of Jalud and Turmusaya, south of Nablus.

Douglas added to the official agency, Sunday, that the approval of the new plan will double the settlement to about five times in the settlement that was established in 1991, on the lands of "Jalud and Turmusaya".

He stressed that the documents approved by the so-called "Supreme Planning Council" at the end of last May for the expansion of "Shvut Rachel" settlement show that the construction will take place on an area estimated at 376 dunums of the lands of Jalud and Turmusaya, and the expansion of the area of ​​land occupied by the settlement.

Douglas pointed out that according to the announced plan, the lands are located in Basin No. 13, the "bats" site of Jaloud's lands, and Basin No. 3, the "Saab Al-Masry" site of Turmusaya lands.

He stated that the plan aims to change the allocation of land from agricultural to "residential areas, an area for buildings and public and commercial institutions, open spaces, engineering facilities, a future planning area, and roads."

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned "the expansionist colonial settlement project that targets the entire area south of Nablus, and is implemented on a daily basis by the occupation authorities and its various branches, by stealing more Palestinian land and allocating it to deepen and expand the existing settlements."

The Foreign Ministry said in a press statement on Sunday, quoted by Wafa, that it "has always warned against this systematic settlement scheme, especially when the settlers' provocative attacks against citizens began in the towns and villages of the area south of Nablus, most of which started from the outpost of terrorism called Yitzhar."

She stated that "these settlement projects require the international community to respond more firmly and severely, and not to be complacent with them because of their danger and the danger of what will result from them later."

The details of this settlement scheme come at a time when the Israeli Knesset approved a new government without Netanyahu, headed by Bennett, from the Jewish extreme right, which adopts settlement, amid expectations of a significant increase in it during his tenure as prime minister.


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