A tumultuous session witnessed the expulsion of Knesset members... Bennett: We will strengthen settlements

Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Yamina party, who is expected to become the prime minister of the Israeli government on Sunday evening, confirmed, after the vote on granting his government confidence, that he will work to strengthen settlements and increase security protection in the designated areas .

This came during his speech at the beginning of the opening of the Knesset’s plenary session to vote on granting his government confidence, as it witnessed a state of clamor and controversy after members of the Likud, Haredi and religious Zionism parties attacked him, describing him as a fraud and insolence, and constantly interrupted his speech before a number of them were expelled, most notably Bezalel Smotrich Whitmar Ben Gvir.

Bennett did not address any political process with the Palestinians, limiting himself to referring to the situation on the Gaza front, warning Hamas against escalation.

"I hope that the ceasefire will be preserved in the south... If Hamas chooses to escalate, it will hit a wall of iron... There is no political action that restricts our hands from military action," he said.

He added, "The Palestinians must bear responsibility for their actions against us. We will confront terrorism in different ways," according to his description.

And he indicated that his government will work to reduce tension and work to return the prisoners and missing persons in Gaza.

He thanked the new US President, Joe Biden, for his standing with Israel and his long-term commitment to supporting its security.

He indicated that his government will work to strengthen agreements with neighboring Arab countries and promote peace.

He stressed that his government will not allow Iran to possess any nuclear weapons, noting that it refuses to return to the nuclear agreement.

Bennett pledged to work on solving the problems of the Arab sector at home, as well as improving the lives of the Bedouins of the Negev.

He also pledged to work to improve the lives of Israelis and stop the recent state of incitement and hatred.


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