Settlers burn olive trees on Jabal Sabih

Settlers from the outpost of “Avatar” on Jabal Sabih, south of Beita town, burned dozens of fruitful olive trees belonging to farmer Kamel Aqra’.

About a month and a half ago, settlers established an outpost of Avatar in the site of Jabal Sabih, which belongs to the villages of Beita, Yatma and Qabalan. Since its establishment, the people of Beita and the neighboring villages protested by organizing weekly marches that were confronted by the occupation army with live bullets, which led to the death of three young men from Beta, namely Issa Barham, Zakaria Hamayel and Muhammad Saeed Hamayel.

A few days ago, the occupation army announced the decision to remove the outpost, giving the settlers eight days to evacuate, but the settlers insist on staying in the place with the support of Benjamin Netanyahu, who will leave power within the next few hours, if there is no political surprise in Israel.


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