The Jerusalem Department warns of a new wave of anger in the event of the “flags march”

The Jerusalem Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization has warned of a new explosion in the city of Jerusalem, which may extend to the whole of the occupied Palestinian territories and the outbreak of a new wave of anger in the wake of the acquiescence of the political level in the occupying state and its police to the demands of the extremist settlers, to establish the so-called The "March of the Flags" downtown.

The department said in a press statement today, Saturday, that the occupation authorities did not draw lessons from the local, regional and international changes and continued their intransigence and march towards more extremism, and implemented its racist policy of ethnic cleansing against our people, which confirms that the occupation government is not ready for peace and disregards all initiatives and manages Its back is for the resolutions of international legitimacy that will achieve a just and comprehensive peace that guarantees the realization of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right to self-determination and the establishment of their independent, geographically interconnected and fully sovereign state with its eternal capital, Jerusalem.

It called on the international community and the US administration to provide international protection for the Palestinian people, and to protect Jerusalem from the plans of the Israeli occupation aimed at Israelizing and Judaizing the holy city. 

The occupation police had agreed to organize a “flags march” next Tuesday in the city of Jerusalem, despite repeated warnings of the danger of this step in the current circumstances.


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