Injuries and arrests during clashes in Bab al-Amud in Jerusalem

 A number of Jerusalemites were injured, and others were arrested, after they confronted the storming of Israeli Knesset member “Itamar Ben Jubeir” in the vicinity of Bab al-Amud in Jerusalem, in an attempt to open the way for the march of extremist settlers in the town Old.

The Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem said, in a brief statement, that our teams dealt with 13 injuries during the confrontations with the occupation forces in Bab Al-Amud in Jerusalem. The injuries were as follows: two rubber injuries, five gas injuries, four beating injuries, and two stun grenades.

A state of tension prevailed in the area when they confronted the settlers’ march led by MK Itamar Ben Ghobeir, while the occupation forces reinforced their presence and arrested at least 10 citizens, including: the child Muhammad al-Fakhouri, and the young men: Iyad Abu Sobeih, Abed Bukhari, Samir Sarhan and Mahmoud Mona. .


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