The launch of the first Cairo International Forum for “Al-Omran” partners to start the reconstruction of Gaza

The work of the first Cairo International Forum for “Al-Omran” partners was launched in the Egyptian capital, under the auspices of the Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, to contribute to setting the first steps of Egyptian companies towards the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

In his speech at the opening session, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Cairo and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States Diab al-Louh said that the Gaza Strip is in urgent and urgent need to intervene and translate initiatives and words into actions on the ground. Ambassador al-Louh also welcomed the participation of Egyptian companies in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip as companies An ancient woman with great experience in the fields of construction, infrastructure and road sector, and said: What Egypt has witnessed in the giant renaissance in recent years under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is the greatest evidence of the ability of these companies to play a successful, effective and rapid role in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, expressing He hoped the donor and financier countries would take the initiative to contract with local companies in the Gaza Strip to revive this sector and to operate more than seventy professions related to reconstruction and alleviate unemployment, which is more than 50% in the Gaza Strip.

Ambassador Al-Louh welcomed all efforts made to rebuild the Gaza Strip, and the keenness of the Palestinian government and leadership to make these efforts a success, to cooperate with donor and funder countries, and to ensure that the reconstruction funds go exclusively to the reconstruction track, indicating that we do not want to pump any money into the treasury of the Authority or any other Palestinian party And reconstruction money goes to reconstruction only.

And he said:The reconstruction is not only for the Gaza Strip, which is the most affected by the recent Israeli aggression over the course of eleven days of systematic destruction, but the rest and parts of the Palestinian lands in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem as a result of the continuous demolition of homes and the confiscation of the facilities of farmers, peasants and citizens living near settlements and the separation and separation wall and military sites and Israeli military training areas established on our occupied lands, and there are notifications from the Israeli occupation authorities to demolish more than twenty thousand homes in Jerusalem and Area C, stressing that there is Palestinian agreement and consensus on the role and personality of the Palestinian National Authority and the legitimacy of President Mahmoud Abbas as the legitimate elected president The title of the Palestinian people, and that the meeting of the Palestinian factions in Cairo at the generous invitation of the Egyptian leadership aimed at completing the Palestinian national dialogue and forming a Palestinian national reconciliation government or a Palestinian national unity government that is committed to international resolutions and accepted by theThe international community is supervising with you and with the donor and financier countries the reconstruction, noting that we are ready to go to general elections as soon as Jerusalem’s participation in these elections is approved by nomination, voting and electoral propaganda for the election of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the President of the Palestinian National Authority and the re-formation of the Palestinian National Council.

Ambassador Al-Louh praised the urgent Egyptian initiative and the other contributing countries with the Palestinian National Authority government to limit the damage, draw up engineering plans and direct the implementation of reconstruction and investment in the summer and accomplish what can be accomplished before winter enters the relief of afflicted citizens who lost their homes, and the importance of not linking reconstruction to the prisoner exchange file. or any other political files.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine also conveyed the greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas, the leadership, the factions and the Palestinian people, with thanks and gratitude to President Al-Sisi and to the big sister Egypt, the government, leadership, army, sovereign bodies and people for all the historical and political support it provided to the struggling Palestinian people and their just national cause. To stop the brutal Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip and spare the blood of the people of the Strip and thanked for the medical and humanitarian aid it provided after its success in stopping the aggression. He also thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for his generous initiative to allocate five hundred million dollars to rebuild what was destroyed by the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip. .

For his part, the organizer of the forum, Ahmed Hashem, said that this forum was held for the first time in Egypt in the presence of a number of ministers and ambassadors of brotherly and friendly countries, major companies working in the field of construction, building and real estate development, and experts with the participation of the sister state of Palestine, where there will be a number of parallel events that will be held In one place and one time within the forum, adding that it will include the International Summit for Urban Development and Sustainable Construction, which is the most important event of the forum, with the participation of all officials and bodies closely related to urbanism.

The Executive Director of the Forum, Ahmed Shoman, said that the discussion sessions that will be held within the activities of the forum will witness several important discussions related to laws and legislation affecting the construction and building sector. A session will also be devoted to discussing the reconstruction of sister Arab countries, in addition to the main topic of the forum’s work, which is to discuss mechanisms of President Sisi’s initiative regarding Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

At the conclusion of the opening session, Ambassador Al-Louh was honored with the forum's shield in appreciation of his great efforts and his diplomatic and political communication.


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