The occupation maintains a state of alert and allows the organization of the “provocative flags march” next week

The Israeli Cabinet has agreed, this evening, Tuesday, that the provocative flags march, which will be supervised by extremist right-wing groups, will be organized next Tuesday, which coincides with the fifteenth of June, in At a time when the occupation forces maintained a state of alert for seven of the reserve companies of the so-called Israeli “border guards.”

The decision came in the wake of a short consultation that took place between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his army minister, Benny Gantz, after they left the “cabinet” meeting for a few minutes, before they agreed on a specific date, and presented this to the ministers, army and security leaders participating in the session.


According to the decision, the authorities supervising the march will agree with the Israeli police on the plan of the march.

The march will be organized two days after the swearing-in of the new occupation government in Tel Aviv, as scheduled next Sunday.

The file of the march was transferred to the “cabinet” after sharp differences between the Israeli parties over its conduct, in light of the extremist right’s accusations of the political level and the police in Tel Aviv of submitting and surrendering to the “Hamas” movement.

Hamas had threatened that if the march took place and approached Al-Aqsa Mosque, the situation would explode again.

Senior Israeli security officials, including police officials, gave warnings against allowing the march to take place on its pre-planned time and path.

In the same context, the Hebrew “Reshet Kan” channel reported, this evening, that the relevant Israeli security authorities decided to keep 7 reserve companies of the so-called “border guards” under a state of high alert and not to return to their homes until the end of next week, for fear of any escalation. new.

According to the channel, this came against the backdrop of the insistence of the extremist right-wing parties to organize the provocative flags march in Jerusalem, noting that the Israeli police feared an escalation that would include Jerusalem and the interior lands.

The channel indicated that these companies were recruited at the beginning of the so-called “guardian of the fences” operation in Gaza, noting that they were supposed to be allowed to return to their homes.

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