The occupation forces a citizen of Shuafat to demolish his house

 The Jerusalemite Mansour Aref Abu Khdeir (50 years old), from the Shuafat neighborhood north of the occupied city of Jerusalem, did not imagine that parts of his house would be demolished with his own hands and the hands of his children. She pursued him with violations and demolition orders, until she forced him to demolish half of the house, under the pretext of widening the street.

Abu Khdeir told  “The municipality forced us to demolish half of the house with our own hands to avoid the heavy fine. My sons and I put all our savings over 20 years to build this 130-square-meter house.”

Abu Khdeir added, “The municipality of the occupation in Jerusalem, through its bureaucratic procedures to obtain a building permit, requires exorbitant money and a long time, and we have previously applied for a permit and have been waiting for years, to no avail.”

Abu Khdeir was not alone a victim of the occupation’s municipal policy in Jerusalem, as the young man Muhannad Ibrahim Bashir continues to demolish his house in “Bashir neighborhood” in Jabal Mukaber, south of the Old City of Jerusalem, with his own hands, by a decision of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit He gave him until today, Tuesday, to carry out the demolition, otherwise the bulldozers of the occupation will do so, and he must pay the demolition fee to the municipality’s crews and mechanisms at a value of 60,000 shekels.”

Bashir explained that the area of ​​the house is 150 square meters, and 5 people live in it, including 3 children aged 6 years, 4 years and 7 months, and it is built of reinforced tin.

According to Bashir, the Israeli Ministry of Interior issued a decision to demolish his brother’s house after completing the construction process at the beginning of this year, and imposed a financial violation of 95,000 shekels on the family, yet it refused to postpone or freeze the demolition decision for an additional period.

The occupation municipality in Jerusalem continues to compel Jerusalemite families in occupied East Jerusalem to demolish their homes under the pretext of building without a permit. Thousands of shekels for one drug.


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