Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process: The Ceasefire Agreement is Fragile

"The ceasefire agreement is fragile," UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tour Winsland said Monday.

This was made in a tweet by Lonsland via his Twitter account referring to the recent ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and Israel.

"I urge both sides to stop any unilateral steps and provocations, to exercise restraint and to strengthen the ceasefire agreement," he said in his tweet.

"Continuing to treat deep wounds using bandages without serious attempts to resolve key political issues will only lead to another escalation," Winsland said in an exclusive interview with Sawa news agency.

"The United Nations, in close coordination with Egypt, the United States and other key regional and international parties, has actively participated and engaged with the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships on how to move forward to break the deadlock in Gaza, achieve Palestinian unity and see a Palestinian government capable of working sustainably in Gaza," Winsland said.

Today, the Joint Chamber of Palestinian Resistance Factions warned the occupation, saying that it "closely monitors the behavior of the Zionist enemy in the Holy City, and will have its say if the enemy decides to return to the situation until before May 11th and we will not allow the occupation to export its internal crises to our people."

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