America is seeking to withdraw 200 million dollars of relief aid in Gaza and the West Bank

Gaza _ Agencies

The White House is seeking to withdraw 200 million dollars of relief aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, which means cutting off an important artery for humanitarian aid at a time of heightened political tensions, the US magazine "foreign policy" quoted diplomatic sources as saying on Saturday. and security in the region.

According to the magazine, the deduction represents almost all the humanitarian aid that the United States provides directly to the Palestinians, and Washington also contributes to the UN agency's budget that assists Palestinian refugees, but US president Donald Trump's administration has reduced Its contribution, earlier in the year, did not show any plans close to pumping more.

According to the sources, US Secretary of State Mike Pomusou and Jwant Kouchner, President Trump's brother-in-chief and Middle East Senior Advisor, decided on the cuts at a high-level meeting last week, and Kouchner hopes the cuts in aid would put pressure on the Palestinians to accept the peace plan Proposed by the United States Administration.

The resolution coincides with a wave of wage cuts and layoffs of hundreds of United Nations and other international relief workers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where the sector has been facing the worst humanitarian crisis in years, and Palestinian staff at the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency Palestinians, in Gaza, after announcing the dismissal of the staff, according to the local newspaper Al-Quds.



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