2450 arrests during last May

Gaza - “Al-Quds”.com - The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies monitored 2450 arrests carried out by the Israeli occupation against Palestinians in separate areas, during the month of May.

In its monthly report, the Center indicated that among those cases, 1,700 are Palestinians from within, noting that the occupation escalated the campaigns of abuse and arrests significantly during the past month.

He pointed out that one case of arrest of a young man from the Gaza Strip was monitored, after he crossed the separation fence east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the occupation re-arrested the leader of the Jihad and the freed prisoner, Khader Adnan, at one of the military checkpoints in Nablus, noting that Khader Adnan went on a hunger strike from the first moment of his arrest.

The director of the center, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said that the occupation authorities faced the Palestinian uprising in the 48 areas with widespread arrest campaigns in various cities and villages, which amounted to 1,700 arrests, the most intense of which were in Haifa, Lydda, Umm al-Fahm, al-Tira and Nazareth.

Al-Ashqar added that the arrests affected children, women, the elderly, journalists and activists, as well as leaders from various parties and active movements in the Palestinian arena at home, including Sheikh Kamal Khatib, Vice President of the Islamic Movement, who is still imprisoned.

He pointed out that the majority of detainees were beaten and humiliated during arrest and in the police stations to which they were transferred, where a number of them sustained fractures and bruises and were taken to hospitals for treatment. More than 200 of them are still detained, and indictments have been filed against them, ranging from “disturbing order and inciting riots, igniting rubber tires, assaulting the police or incitement through writing on social media.”

Al-Ashqar noted that the occupation authorities carried out a massive campaign of arrests against Jerusalemites, as more than (420) arrests were monitored, to deter and intimidate Jerusalemites and prevent them from confronting the attacks of settlers and storming Al-Aqsa, as well as stopping the widespread protests against the eviction of the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood from its people in favor of settlers.

The arrest campaign included all neighborhoods of Jerusalem and was concentrated in Shuafat camp, Silwan, Jabal Mukaber, Issawiya, Beit Hanina, Sheikh Jarrah and the Old City. , From the guards, guards and employees of Emaar Al-Aqsa.

Most of the detainees were beaten and abused, and some of them had their limbs broken as a result of the barbaric assault on them. The occupation issued orders to remove 81 Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, ranging from 10 days to six months, including 10 endowment employees and 13 girls who were in the mosque’s courtyards. Blond male.

The director of the Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies pointed out that the occupation has targeted minor children in an escalating manner during the past month, as cases of arrest among them reached more than (500) cases, half of them from the Palestinian interior, which reached more than (260) children, not exceeding They are 18 years old, and from Jerusalem, the number of arrests among minors has reached 170.

Al-Ashqar added that the children were arrested in harsh conditions and beaten, and interrogated without the presence of any family member or the presence of a lawyer, and the occupation police imposed house arrest on a large number of them after their release with a fine.

He stated that the occupation authorities targeted women in their arrests, as the report monitored 40 cases among women and girls, including 23 arrests from within the Green Line, 12 women from Jerusalem and 5 from the West Bank cities, some of whom were beaten, including minors, activists and journalists.

Regarding administrative decisions, Al-Ashqar explained that 175 decisions were issued between new and renewal, ranging from two to six months, including (91) new administrative orders for prisoners who were arrested during the last May and April, in addition to (84) renewal decisions. For different periods of time for administrative prisoners.

The occupation issued 15 administrative decisions against prisoners from Jerusalem without charge, with direct instructions from the Minister of the Occupation Army.


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