The Tunisian Navy rescued 92 illegal immigrants from drowning

The Tunisian Naval Guard on Friday rescued 92 illegal immigrants from drowning at sea off the coast of the Tunisian island of Djerba in the southeast of the country, according to local radio.

In statements broadcast by the local radio stations (Mosaique FM) and (Shams FM) today, the head of the Tunisian Red Crescent branch in the island of Djerba, Munji Salim, said that the rescue operation took place at dawn today in front of the tourist area on the island of Djerba from the governorate of Medenine, after the boat of these migrants broke down as a result. Water leaks into it.

He continued that the immigrants are from Egypt, Bangladesh and Eritrea.

Selim added that the migrants reported that they left the Libyan coast two days ago towards the Italian coast without food or water, before their boat broke down.

The announcement of the rescue operation comes, while the Italian authorities announced, on Thursday, the arrival of four boats on the coast of the Italian island of "Lampedusa", carrying 128 illegal immigrants, all of whom set sail from Tunisia.

She indicated that 9 women and a number of minor children are among these migrants, for whom legal measures will be taken in preparation for their deportation to Tunisia.

Attempts to sneak into the Italian coasts from Tunisia usually increase during the summer, with the improvement of weather conditions.

Illegal immigrants usually choose the Italian island of Lampedusa, as a first stop for their cruise, as it is the closest point to the Tunisian beaches, which is only about 80 kilometers away.

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