government media in Gaza publishes statistics of the aggression on Gaza on its tenth day

Today, Wednesday, the Governmental Information Office in Gaza published an update on the outcome of the continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the tenth consecutive day.

The following is the text of the statistic as published by the Government Media Office on its official Facebook page:

The tenth day,

updating the outcome of the occupation’s criminality and its continuous aggression

The occupation’s brutal aggression against our people continues for the tenth day, as the occupier’s planes, artillery and warships launched more than 1,810 raids and attacks since the beginning of the aggression.

** Last night's raids reached more than 194 raids, carried out by aircraft, artillery, and battleships of the occupation. The bombing was concentrated in the east of Gaza City and in the south of the Strip.

** This aggression resulted in the elevation of 219 martyrs, including: 63 children, 36 women, 16 elderly, while the number of wounded reached 1530, most of them women and children.

** The aggression left a difficult humanitarian reality, especially with the displacement of more than 107,000 citizens from their homes due to the bombing, of whom 44,000 were in shelters and more than 63,000 were outside centers with relatives.

** The aggression resulted in large material losses and damages to infrastructure, citizens' homes and farms, which amounted to more than 322.3 million dollars in its initial estimates, of which: 246.7 million direct losses, while indirect losses were estimated at about 75.6 million dollars, according to the following:

** The bombing of houses and residential homes, a total of more than 1,335 units, between total and severe demolitions, as well as damage to at least 12,886 housing units due to moderate and partial damages as a result of the continuous bombing.

** The bombing of 184 residential towers and homes and their total demolition of 33 media headquarters, as well as damage to hundreds of institutions, associations and other offices. The direct initial losses in the housing sector amounted to nearly $ 92 million.

** The bombing of 74 government headquarters and public facilities, which varied between police headquarters, security and service facilities. Estimates of direct losses amounted to 23 million dollars.

** 66 schools, health facilities, and primary care clinics were severely and partially damaged due to the heavy bombing in their vicinity.

** The bombing of animal farms, agricultural lands, wells and irrigation networks, with an initial loss of $ 24 million.

** Direct losses of $ 40 million in economic and commercial facilities, as a result of their bombing, including the bombing of the industrial zone and the direct targeting of a number of factories.

** The bombing of streets and infrastructure represented by water and sanitation networks, with an initial loss of more than $ 27 million.

** Direct losses of $ 22 million in the energy sector due to the bombing of power networks, transformers and lines.

 ** Dozens of vehicles were completely and partially damaged, with an estimated loss of more than 5.5 million dollars.

** Damage to communications networks, internet, transformers, and equipment, valued at $ 6.5 million.

** 3 mosques were completely demolished, and 40 mosques, one church, a five-storey endowment building and endowment facilities were damaged due to the bombing, with direct material losses estimated at $ 5 million.

** These damages are preliminary estimates of losses due to the failure to complete the inventory of all damaged facilities and infrastructure and the difficulty of accessing some areas as a result of the aggression.

** The occupation continues to close commercial crossings to the Gaza Strip and prevent fishermen from descending into the sea.

** The ongoing occupation crime has left a difficult humanitarian reality, especially with the displacement of thousands of families from the border areas under bombardment, as well as preventing the supply of basic needs and commodities for citizens due to the closure of the crossings and even the necessary feed for animals, and preventing the entry of fuel to the power station, which is a humanitarian crime and a war of extermination against the children. Our people are all in the Gaza Strip.



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