Prisoner´s Club: The suffering of prisoners in the prison "Etzion " worsens with the return of winter

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Al-Captive said on Thursday that the suffering of prisoners in the "Etzion" camp worsened with the return of winter, high humidity, and the spread of mold in the cells.

The prisoners told his lawyer, Jacqueline Farrjeh, that the mattresses, which were not more than 2 cm thick and smelled unbearable due to the spread of mold on them, and the food provided to them is kind and poor, it is an immature rice; and as a protest step the prisoners returned the meals provided to them during the two days Two years.

Al-Pow's club renewed its calls for international human rights institutions operating in Palestine to stop being silent about what is happening in the occupation jails, and the accompanying harsh and tragic conditions of life; The detainee is considered one of the worst detention centers, used by the occupation to detain prisoners temporarily. In the first period of detention.

The number of prisoners in the "Etzion" detention centre is six, including Legislative Council MP Mohammed Abu Jahesha.


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