UNRWA in Gaza: More than 38,000 people have sought refuge in 48 UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip

On Sunday evening, May 16, 2021, UNRWA issued its daily update on the work of its emergency shelters, noting that more than 38,025 people had taken refuge in 48 UNRWA schools.

The report reads:

UNRWA: Daily Update

May 16, 2021

The work of emergency shelters

To date, more than 38,025 people have taken refuge in 48 UNRWA schools.


Distance learning is currently available and is supported by your child's teacher. Psychological services are also available, as well as access to school counselors.


UNRWA health centres operate in places where they can be operated safely to provide primary health services (telemedicine services, vaccinations, chronic disease medications, and risky pregnancies in need of care). First, you should contact the telemedicine hotline and get medical information and advice at 1-800-444-666

Food aid

The distribution of the remaining food aid for the first cycle is currently suspended, until the security situation is assessed. For the latest updates, please visit unrwa's food aid website at: click here

Environmental Health

Twenty-eight garbage trucks were collected today from inside the camps. All water wells are operational.


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