Gaza ... memories and possessions disappear in an instant!

 For the sixth consecutive day, Israel continues to launch intense air strikes on Gaza , six days in which the residents of the Strip do not know the meaning of sleep. They watch thousands of times, and look at the city's landmarks from streets, towers, and properties as they disappear in an instant.

The violent Israeli bombardment destroyed and destroyed a large number of buildings and shops, in addition to damage to the electricity networks, which led to their interruption in many areas of the Gaza Strip.

And Samah Haboub does not even believe that she lost her apartment with all her memories and possessions in an instant. She and her family of 5 rushed to leave to save themselves before the occupation missiles hit the residential building in which she resides in Gaza City.

Haboub told "Sawa News Agency": "I heard the sound of violent shelling outside and went to film the bombing, but I was surprised that the residential building in which we live was bombed without warning, and I saw a block of fire and black smoke, which was a very terrifying sight."

Haboub resides in a 13-storey residential building, inhabited by about 120 families. "We started evacuating the building immediately, and the stairs were all shattered with glass, and the water and electricity foundations were destroyed, and when we got to the door of the building, it was bombed again," she said.

She added, "It is not just an apartment. In every corner of it we have a memory and a story. With a blink of an eye, we found ourselves in the street, only our clothes to wear, and all we had was swallowed up by the destruction."

The Government Media Department in Gaza says in its report that the occupation army bombed 60 government headquarters and destroyed more than 500 housing units completely, and that the initial estimates of losses as a result of the aggression on Gaza amounted to 73 million dollars.

In another scene, Nael Mushtaha, owner of the women's abaya shop and the Adnan building located in Al-Sinaa Street in Gaza, says: “On Thursday morning, we were surprised by the sounds of bombing everywhere around us, and glass flying at us. The things we live in have been almost completely damaged. "

Mushtaha added that the bombing was at the entrance to the building, and the building next door to them, adding: "The shop of the cloak that I owned was destroyed at the bottom of the building and the shops next to us, and we were two merchandise houses in the blessed Eid al-Fitr season whose price was estimated at thousands of dollars, all of which were destroyed."

The building inhabited by "Mushtaha" has no less than 7 floors, according to a preliminary examination, and the engineering team is waiting for confirmation. As for the size of the losses in the shop, they were estimated at more than 50 thousand dollars, he said. He ended his speech and the pain squeezed his voice praying to God, "Our Lord will make and compensate."

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