The freedom of occupation pursues the fishermen in the Sea of Gaza and forces them to

The Palestinian Fishermen Syndicate in the Gaza Strip confirmed , this evening, Sunday, that the Israeli occupation navy .

boats chased the fishermen's boats in the wide sea of the Gaza Strip and forced them to leave The union said in a brief statement it published on its Facebook page, "The Israeli navy boats in the meantime are pursuing the fishermen's boats that went to work from this afternoon and forcing them to leave the sea water to the ports of the Gaza .

Strip and thus impose the security cordon on the coast of the Strip from now on and not from Six o'clock tomorrow morning " And the Israeli occupation authorities decided this evening to completely close the fishing area in the Gaza Strip, until further

.notice The army spokesman said, "At the conclusion of the security consultations, it was decided to close the fishing distance in the Gaza Strip until further notice, following the launch of rockets and incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli ".territory

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