Shtayyeh: What is happening in Sheikh Jarrah is a new model for the systematic Israeli displacement policy

 Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh welcomed the statement issued by the United Nations today, Friday, in which it considered Israel's decision to evacuate the Palestinian citizens, the original owners of the homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, from their homes in favor of replacing settlers in their place, in violation of international law And that East Jerusalem is still part of the occupied Palestinian territories, stressing that all Israeli legislative and administrative procedures are null and void in accordance with international law, and expressing its condemnation of the occupation’s assault on the protesters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of beating and arrest.

The Prime Minister also welcomed the statement issued yesterday by the foreign ministers of five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain, in which they called on Israel to stop the policy of settlement expansion in the occupied territories, and called on it to withdraw from the decision to build (540) settlement units in a settlement. (Har Homa) established on the lands of Jabal Abu Ghneim, southeast of occupied Jerusalem, as well as the settlement expansion in the settlement of (Givat Hamatos) in East Jerusalem, and the forced displacement of residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, considering that this policy would undermine efforts made for the two-state solution.

Shtayyeh called on the United Nations and European countries to do more than just issue statements regarding their importance to practical measures that lead to the implementation of international legitimacy decisions, provide protection for our Palestinian people from daily Israeli attacks, and curb settlement expansion policy, which benefits from weak international deterrent positions. .

The Prime Minister affirmed that our people are determined to defend their land and their Islamic and Christian holy sites, and that the people of Sheikh Jarrah will not leave their homes, which are in danger of being displaced from them, indicating that what is happening in the neighborhood today is nothing but a continuation of the systematic policy of displacement pursued by the occupation leaders for the purpose of seizing the land. And the emptying of its residents, according to the report published by Human Rights Watch, in which it referred to the persecution and racist policies that the Palestinian people are subjected to, in addition to the attacks and field executions practiced against children, women and youth, indicating that the residents of the Sheikh neighborhood Jarrah who is being displaced today had already been evicted from their homes in Haifa and Jaffa in the year forty-eight.

The Prime Minister saluted the guards of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the worshipers who defend the first two qibla, the second of the two mosques, and the third of the two holy mosques, from the attempts of the occupation authorities to impose a temporal and spatial division in it, expressing his condemnation of the occupation forces' storming Al-Aqsa Square tonight and attacking the worshipers and wounding a number of them.


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