Democrats win the "deputies " and Republicans in the "Elders "... Alarming results of cooperation

Washington _ Agencies

Democrats won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and gained power to scrutinize the policies of President Donald Trump's administration and help shape the country's political agenda for the next two years, while Republicans retained a majority in the Senate.

President Trump will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 11:30 am, Washington time, to discuss the results of the election. He wrote on Twitter that he would talk "about our success in the election liquidation."

According to the announced results until dawn on Wednesday, Democrats have won at least 222 seats, and they have traditionally been voted by independents (seven seats) in the House of Representatives, breaking the eight-year-old Republican grip, which began with the rebellion of the popular Tea Party in 2010.

Before Tuesday's elections, the Democrats had 195 seats in the 435 House of Representatives, while the Republicans had 240 seats.

The Republicans on Tuesday lost 27 seats in favor of the Democrats, who were able to end the Republican Party's monopoly in Washington and open a new era of divided government. To date, the Republicans have received 199 seats.

In order for a party to dominate the majority in the House of Representatives, it needs 218 seats.

The Democratic candidates turned the seats in a group of suburbs outside Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago and Denver. They also made progress in pro-Trump rural areas.

In the Senate, the Republicans have retained their control, having received 51 seats for 45 Democrats so far. The Democrats had 49 of the 100 council seats before the elections.

In order to leave a party to the majority in the Senate, 51 seats are needed.

Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan said the date repeats itself as Republicans seem to lose control of the house after eight years, admitting that the president's party "always faces harsh odds in the first half-elections" and often loses scores of seats. He congratulated the Democrats on winning a majority in the House of Representatives. On the other hand, he praised the Republicans in the Senate for keeping control of the Supreme Chamber of Congress, the preliminary results of the US midterm elections indicated that Republicans retain a majority of the Senate and Democrats win the majority of the House of Representatives, according to US media.

Democrats on Tuesday (6 November 2018) were able to harness the wrath of American voters toward US president Donald Trump to win control of the house and capture governors ' seats for a number of large states in the midterm elections by uniting liberals and moderates To issue a strong rebuke to President Trump, while Republicans were able to maintain a majority in the Senate and even add two more seats to become the majority of the Senate's party even with Republicans adding to their majority in the Senate by demanding a handful of conservatives. of the italicized states.

The election, held on Tuesday, saw the first Muslim-American victory of Congress Rashida Tlip of Michigan, while a Somali American, Han Omar, who was presented to the United States as a refugee when she was a child, won the first veiled member of Congress.

The Democratic Party was able to dominate the majority in the next Congress, which was engaged in early 2019, driven by unusually high participation, by the young, progressive and minority base, which illustrated the intensity of the backlash against President Trump, where Democrats won 27 seats on At least as the Democrats predict that they will be able to make a majority of 229 versus 206 Republicans.

In the State of California, Palestinian-origin Ammar Najjar lost the election to the current member Dunkin Hunter with one point.



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