The United Kingdom grants ambassadorial status to the European Union representative in London

London and Brussels announced on Wednesday that the European Union’s ambassador to the United Kingdom will have full diplomatic status, after months of controversy following Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The agreement was announced after a meeting between British Foreign Ministers Dominic Raab and the European Union, Josep Borrell, on the sidelines of a G7 meeting in London.

And they added in a joint statement that "the ambassador of the European Union will have a similar status to heads of state missions."

"The staff of the European Union mission will be granted the privileges and immunity necessary to work effectively," they added.

Britain left the European Union on December 31, 2020.

After an 11-month transition period, it broke free from all European rules by leaving the single market and the customs union on December 31.

After this separation, negotiations were launched, but were not succeeded until then, to determine whether the European Union Ambassador in London João Vale de Almeida and his team should enjoy full diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention, such as diplomats of sovereign countries, or the immunity granted to international organizations. Which is what London prefers.

This dispute was fueling tension between Britain and the European Union after Brexit.


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