The Knesset Committee approves draft laws on settlement construction

The organizing committee of the Israeli Knesset has approved, in advance, a bill to legitimize some random outposts, "outposts," and restrict the powers of the Supreme Court to annul laws, in preparation for a vote on them in a preliminary reading before the General Assembly on Sunday. Tomorrow Wednesday.

Both the Yemeni and New Hope parties voted for the right-wing bloc, as observers see that this is an attempt by Likud to create a rift in the change camp. As mentioned by the Arabic-speaking Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

For its part, the United Arab List announced that it would not support the bill for direct elections for prime minister, which effectively led to the failure to pass it.

The Blue and White party criticized Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, for passing important and fateful bills, just hours before the legal deadline for him to form a government expired.

The committee also approved support for the overcoming clause, which would allow the Knesset to re-enact laws that had been abolished by the Supreme Court.

A new hope was voted by the right-wing bloc, and the Knesset plenary is expected to vote tomorrow on the draft bill with a preliminary reading.


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